TurbuFlex set Heat exchanger Energy detour for water heating Sale

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The clever addition with the TurbuFlex exhaust gas heat exchanger in a set incl. baffle unit and TAS connection block (EUR 899.00 incl. VAT).
Up to 40 % efficiency of heat transfer also possible for your Bullerjan stove!
The TurbuFlex system can transfer up to 40% of the total output into the heating system in nominal operation of the fireplace (data based on the technical data of the Rhein-Ruhr fireplace test center: In individual cases, the transferable water output may deviate from this as a result of the different application conditions at the end customer*).
The efficiency of heat transfer into the water system is up to 33% higher* compared to flue gas heat exchangers that do not have a baffle unit.
The degree of heat transfer automatically adjusts to changes in the operating conditions of the fireplace, reducing the need for operator intervention and increasing ease of use*.
The baffles regulate the flue gas temperature of the fireplace and can thus contribute to balanced and clean combustion*.
The TurbuFlex system enables efficient and CO2-neutral water connection, which reduces fuel consumption and saves energy costs.
TurbuFlex is approved for all new applications or retrofits by the German approval authority DIBT, so that after verified suitability all solid fuel fireplaces may generally be equipped. The chimney sweep for the end customer's sweeping district must be involved before purchasing the TurbuFlex system, as his operating approval is mandatory in conjunction with the end customer's application conditions.
An additional cooling coil to reduce impermissible temperatures in the event of a malfunction is not necessary. This reduces the amount of piping required and the installation costs.
Only two water connections are required in the installation room of the furnace application compared to four for conventional water connections. As a result, the water connection is visually less noticeable to the viewer.
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0231 7002342 Mr. Klaus Schmitt.

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Mr. Klaus Schmitt
Tel. 0231 7002342
Email: info@turbuflex.de
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