Ooni Karu 12G multi-fuel pizza stove Sale

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Dimensions: 74,5 x 72,8 x 41,7 cm (Depth / Hight /Width)

Weight: 15,5 kg

The diversity of a multi-fuel pizza stove

Choose the fuel you prefer each time: wood or charcoal if your recipe calls for a smoky flavour or lower cooking temperatures, or  gas if you're hosting a pizza party with lots of guests.

The Karu 12G stove is compatible with all existing accessories for the Karu 12 stove, such as the gas burner for Ooni Karu 12 and the carrying bag for Ooni Karu 12.


  • A borosilicate-insulated glass door makes it possible to keep an eye on the pizza without having to open the door and lose heat.
  • ClearView-Technology that prevents soot and ash from being deposited on the glass door.
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  • The Ooni Karu 12G reaches a maximum temperature of 500 °C and can bake pizzas in
    just 60 seconds.
  • The Ooni Karu 12G harnesses the power of heat convection, conduction and radiation to reach the ideal baking temperature of 450°C up to 29% faster than previous models or in just 15 minutes.
  • The SureGrab door handle feels cool even when the oven is firing at 500 °C. Bake 30 cm pizzas, meat, side dishes, desserts and much more on the 15 millimetre thick cordierite pizza stone.

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