Goldmanns aligator tongs Sale

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All owners of a stove or open fireplace know how important it is, to set up new firing goods in a fast and clean manner or to be able to intervene in the fire creation. But often it is not so simple; because there is always a helping hand missing.

Easy and safe is in this case the use of Goldmanns crocodile tongs. The likewise simple but ingenious principle of this stove and fireplace tongs enables you to hold the door open with one hand and with the other hand safely have the firing goods under control. Even heavier pieces pose no problem for the alligator tongs and the pointed gripping teeth fit easily on any shape; even briquettes and coal. It is as such guaranteed that you can virtually hold anything.

Goldmanns crocodile tongs are made of sturdy material and is shipped without a complicated mechanism or joint. That makes this tool so robust and maintenance-free. A high-quality special coating ensures a firm grip surface. Despite the very low own weight, Goldmanns alligator tongs are a true champion in weightlifting.

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