Set of roasting sticks and tools Sale

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Roasting sticks - Perfectly designed pack of four
Fire Pit Tools - Stoke your fire with ease
The perfect tools for a great evening by the fire
Your Solo Stove fire pit creates the perfect smokeless flame to turn beautiful moments into lasting memories. Prepare to stay out late into the night roasting delicious marshmallows and hot dogs to perfection with the Sticks + Tools Set.
Gone are the days of bending wire sticks. How many hot dogs and marshmallows have you lost to the flames? You've found the best roasting sticks available. Made of 304 stainless steel, they have the perfect handle for perfect roasting, and they come with a protective cover. This set comes in a pack of four (4), so you'll have plenty to share!
Tools for the fireplace
End your search for improvised tools for the fire pit. Here are the last fire pit tools you'll ever need. They are made of 304 stainless steel and are suitable for both the largest and smallest logs in the pile. The angled poker and log grabber allow you to poke and add logs to your fire pit without leaving your chair.
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