Model O

Bullerjan O – the international model


The Bullerjan of the series O is nearly similar to the Free Flow model.

This is the first choice for the European market, except of Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland, because we have to meet special requirements in these countries.
Highly effective, realiable, safe and durable. Different performance classes (8 – 13,5 kW) enable it to be used in small, but also in verly large rooms.


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Type 00
Type 01
Type 02
Nominal heat output (NWL)8,0 kW10,4 kW13,5 kW
Depth62,4 cm72,1 cm88,2 cm
Width52,3 cm59,9 cm64,0 cm
Width with heat accumulators ceramic61,0 cm66,0 cmNot available for this type
Height63,8 cm66,9 cm80,0 cm
Weight incl. heat safety covers 66 kg 87 kg 122 kg
Weight with equipment ceramic 138 kg 159 kgNot available for this type
Depth of combustion chamber40 cm40 cm40 cm
Exhaust gas nozzleØ 12 cmØ 12 cmØ 15 cm
Height centre exhaust gas nozzleca. 45,5ca. 50,5 cmca. 59,5 cm
Exhaus gas mass flow rate (nominal heat output)9,7 g/s9,8 g/s11,0 g/s
Delivery pressure12 Pa12 Pa12 Pa
Mean exhaust gas temperature308 °C370 °C308 °C
CO content (13 % O2 )0,15 Vol.-%0,17 Vol.-%0,23 Vol.-%
CO content (13 % O2 )
1875 mg/m³2092 mg/m³2875 mg/m³
Dust (13 % O2 )40 mg/m³36 mg/m³32 mg/m³
Efficiency 77 %74 %78 %
Distances to combustible
Back650 mm850 mm850 mm
Sides400 mm400 mm400 mm
Front800 mm800 mm800 mm